Joanna (j_strafford) wrote in fanfictionet,

hi guys

I recently just completed my fan fiction for Stand by Me and I am very excited. I wanted to share it here. It took me a while to write. I started it in 2008 and just completed it about a couple of days ago. lol. I grew up with watching the movie and I love it a lot. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks. :)

Title: The Summer that Changed Everything
Fandom: Stand by Me
Genre: Friendship/love/Romance
Total of Chapters: 23
Story link:That_Summer_That_Changed_Everything♥
Summary:Gordie is visited by Chris's ghost. Chris's life is fueled only by Gordie's memories of them together. It seems he can't remember things without him. But as Gordie goes through the story about his cousin Lennie coming to Castle Rock, he and Chris both realize how sometimes the most important things can become the hardest things to say.
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