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Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much (One)

Title: Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much
Author:  irjustineee 
Fandom: All Time Low
 Justine / Alex Gaskarth overall
Rating: NC-17 eventually
P.O.V: Justine's
 I don't own any of the characters except the story line - completely fictional, none of the following is true.
Summary: Justine is an average schoolgirl who lives a life of hell. One day, she meets a guy who makes her feel so much better about her life. They share a really strong bond, however her ‘best friend’ is extremely jealous and will do anything to sabotage their relationship.
A/N: This is the first fanfic I've wrote so the first couple of parts are quite short, sorry! It does get better as it goes along though! Feedback is welcome :)



"Ergh, who's that?" I thought. Then I checked my phone and realized it was 8:20am; I'd overslept and was 20 minutes late!

I rushed to my dresser, pulled all my hair back into a neat ponytail and got changed into my school uniform.

It was the first day of sixth form, or Year 12 you could call it. I wasn't one of the popular girls and I definitely didn't class myself as pretty either. But I had my best friends; Chloe, Layna and Ellie. They were the best friends I've always wanted, always here if I needed them. They got up to crazy stuff at the weekend, nothing illegal, but no one wouldn't catch me doing anything like that. Unfortunately, they don't go to the same school as me, they all moved on from Year 11 to Kirkland's College.

I walked into the school playground and got the usual, "oh you look so fit today". I walked straight into my new form and found an empty seat at the back. I didn't feel in the mood for making new friends, just wanted to get this day over and done with so I could see Chloe after school.

First lesson was a bore. It was Religious Studies and I hated it. I didn't believe in God at all so why I had to learn about all this stuff about God is everything to us, I have no idea. Second lesson went okay. It was Science and we did some sort of dissection on a frog and a few of the "oh-so-popular" girls ran out of the classroom claiming to feel sick. It came around to break time and I just hung around in the lobby listening to my MP3 player when this blonde-haired girl looked at me and sniggered with her friends. I was used to this. Third lesson was a blur, I can't remember most of it, and all I remember is daydreaming about my ideal guy; blonde hair, blue eyes, a real cutie. Not like this was going to happen in a million years. Fourth lesson was ICT, a subject I enjoyed. We learnt about websites and were asked to collect research for our new project. Lunchtime came around and I sat in the lobby again, ate my lunch, text Layna and decided to leave the school grounds and skip fifth lesson.
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