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Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much (Two)

Title: Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much
Author: irjustineee 
Fandom: All Time Low
Pairing: Justine / Alex Gaskarth overall
Rating: NC-17 eventually
P.O.V: Justine's
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except the story line - completely fictional, none of the following is true.
Summary: Justine is an average schoolgirl who lives a life of hell. One day, she meets a guy who makes her feel so much better about her life. They share a really strong bond, however her ‘best friend’ is extremely jealous and will do anything to sabotage their relationship.
A/N: This is the first fanfic I've wrote so the first couple of parts are quite short, sorry! It does get better as it goes along though! Feedback is welcome :)


I sat on the bench down the road from school in my red and green checkered uniform deciding what to do. I hated this uniform so much; obviously our head teacher doesn’t have fashion sense whatsoever.

After a lot of thinking, I text Chloe, told her I was on my way to her house and I’d be about 15 minutes. Within a few minutes, Chloe text back and told me that she was at home and her mum should be out by the time I get there. I got up off the brown bench and walked down the alleyway, I couldn’t risk walking down the main road especially considering our teachers like to patrol the main road looking out for skivers like me.

I arrived at Chloe’s house a few minutes later than I thought I would have but Chloe said it was a good job or her mum would have seen me. We sat at her kitchen table and starting talking about the latest issue of PaperMoon. I loved Chloe’s house, it was so neat and tidy and it was quite big as well. Not as big as a mansion, but not as small as a cardboard box.

“So then, what do you wanna do?” Chloe asked.
“I have no idea. What about you?” I replied.
“We could go to the local park?”
“Sure thing. Although, in this trashy uniform?”
“Ah, come here. Have a look through my wardrobe and see what you like.” She smiled at the end of her sentence.

This is exactly the reason I loved Chloe, not because of her fashion sense or the fact she has amazing clothes, just the fact that she’s always so kind.

“Did you see Layna or Ellie today?” I asked, curious.
“No, they didn’t turn up to school, neither of them. I text them but I’ve got no reply, although I did pick up that Layna said she was going to the dentist but I can’t remember the date she said.”
“I’ve not heard from them in a few days. Maybe we should go round and call at their houses in a bit?”
“Sure thing! You picked out something yet?”
“Yeah, here, how does this look?”

I showed Chloe the dress I’d picked out. It had a lovely texture; it was soft, not too itchy either. It had a flowery pattern to it and everything about it looked really pretty.

“Now, put the dress on and give us a twirl.” She winked at me. I put the dress on, zipped up the back and did a little twirl. Chloe smiled and then carried on what she was saying.
“Come over here and sit down in front of the dresser.”
“Okay, what you gonna do?”
“What do you think silly? I’m gonna straighten your hair and do your make-up.”
“Ooh, okay. I love your make-up, it’s just so perfect. I can never get my eyeliner to equal up on each eye!”
“Takes practice m’love. You’ll get it eventually.”

She gently let my hair down and switched on her straighteners. As they were warming up she started to apply foundation, mascara, eyeliner and a smidgen of blusher.

“Who looks a pretty girl now, eh?” Chloe commented after she'd finished her makeover.
“Thanks, Chloe.” I smiled at her. Sometimes I really wish I was her.
“Right, come on then. Let’s head off to the park.”

I grabbed the PaperMoon magazine off the side as we head out the door. The air smelt fresh and pure, the kind you could get high from. I could tell that this afternoon was going to be a good one.
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