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Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much (Three)

Title: Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much
Author: irjustineee 
Fandom: All Time Low
Pairing: Justine / Alex Gaskarth overall
Rating: NC-17 eventually
P.O.V: Justine's
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except the story line - completely fictional, none of the following is true.
Summary: Justine is an average schoolgirl who lives a life of hell. One day, she meets a guy who makes her feel so much better about her life. They share a really strong bond, however her ‘best friend’ is extremely jealous and will do anything to sabotage their relationship.
A/N: Parts are starting to get longer! Storyline is still a bit dull though, but things pick up in the next couple of chapters.

We walked into the local park and went over to the big grass patch and sat down. Chloe had brought a big hamper basket with her, full of cakes and lots of junk food. This is another reason why I loved her. My mum never allows me to eat loads of junk food and Chloe’s mum doesn’t really mind. 

“I really don’t like sixth form at all.”
“Howcome?” Her facial expression changed into a slightly worried expression.
“Basically, these girls called Jess and Holly make my life hell.”
“What are they doing to you?” She looked at me with a more serious expression now.
“They walk past me, push me into the corridor lockers and when I walk home they come up and pull at my hair and push me into the bushes.” I looked down into my lap.
“Have you told your form tutor?”
“No, I doubt they’ll do anything about it. You have no idea how Holly and Jess are like.”
“I think you should tell somebody, seriously.” Her voice had phased into a completed concerned tone. She wasn't going to let this go that easily.
“Alright, I’ll try but as I said, I doubt they’ll do anything.” I looked into the beautiful, blue sky. It was a perfect day.
Chloe grabbed my arm, “Promise you will?”
“Sure, Chloe. I’ll go to the Year Head tomorrow.” I didn’t like being a snitch. Especially considering what happened in Year 10. One day, these chavvy girls decided to pour boiling hot water on me and I went and grassed them up. Not only did I start getting threats every lesson and no one seemed to want to help me at all. My supposed “friends” backed away and started hanging out with me less and less. I couldn’t bear the rest of the year there so I moved to a new school, the one I’m currently in and I still can’t get away from the bullying.

“Honestly, everything will be fine.” Chloe smiled at me now.
I smiled bravely back at her.
“So, anyway, this afternoon is amazing. I can’t wait til summer!” Chloe looked up at the sky. There were so many different shades of blue; it was so hard to describe how beautiful it really looked.
“Yeah me neither, at least then we can see each other a bit more then.”
“Yes! It’s a real shame you don’t come to Kirkland’s. It’s pretty cool if I say so myself! We’re going to London next week!”
“Really? Wow. I wish Sixth Form was like that…”
I grabbed PaperMoon out of the hamper and Chloe spotted her ‘guy’ on the front page. His name was Michael and he was in a band called Berated.

“Look, look. It’s Michael,” she blushed, “can I just marry him? That’d be amazing. We’d have cute babies!”
“Dream on Chloe, dream on!”
Michael had brown hair and hazel coloured eyes. He was the kind of guy you could look at and he’d throw you into some sort of deep drooling session.

As soon as we’d both come out of our fantasy world and hit back into reality, these guys walked by. There were 3 of them; one had blonde hair, one had brown and the other had short black hair. The blonde and brown haired guys wore sunglasses, the ones you could see your own reflection in and as they passed, their scent blew towards us. They smelt amazing. Chloe looked at me and we just watched them walk on by with her mouths dropping by the second.

“Gorgeous guys alert!” Chloe whispered.
“Tell me about it!”

We carried on staring at them as they headed towards the play area. They looked as if they weren’t much older than our age, roughly around 17-18. We both went to get up and as we did, the wind took our PaperMoon magazine and shot out all the pages everywhere. The guys looked back at us as we screamed in shock, ran over and started to help collect the pages that had been torn apart. Once the wind had calmed down, they came over and gave us the pages back.

“Thankyou so much!” Chloe said.
“Yeah, cheers guys.” I smiled at the blonde haired one.
“It’s no problem! Nobody likes their magazines to be taken by the wind,” said the brown haired guy.

He was quite tall and had a husky voice. It sent Chloe and me all jelloid.

“So then girls, introduce yourselves,” the black haired one chipped in.
“Hi, I’m Chloe.”
“I’m Justine.”
The blonde and brown haired lads took off their sunglasses and revealed the rest of their face. The blonde haired one had dark brown eyes and the brown haired one had blue eyes. The black haired guy had slightly green eyes. They were so adorable.

“And you are?” Chloe asked.
“My name’s Tom,” the brown haired guys voice trailed off.
“Hi, I’m Damian,” said the black haired one.
“I’m Josh,” said the blonde haired guy.
“Hey, nice to meet you. Wanna hang for a bit?” I asked.
“Sure thing! Just give us about half hour though, we’ve gotta nip down to the shop.” Josh said.
“Oh, okay. We’ll be waiting around here.” Chloe replied.
“Hey, girls, do you want anything?” Tom said and looked directly at me.
“Nah, I’m fine thankyou, do you Chloe?”
“I’m okay thankyou.”
“Right then, we’ll be back soon.” Josh winked at us both, turned around and started walked down the path to the gate.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Chloe exclaimed in a high-pitched tone. “They were gorgeous!”
“Tell me about it! Okay, we have to get their numbers.”
“Indeed we do. Tom is mine.”
“Okay. I’ll have Josh.”

Whilst we waited, Chloe and I looked through the remains of the PaperMoon magazine and went back to fantasy world. This afternoon was getting better as it went along. It made me wonder what other things could possibly happen. My ideal guy had walked through our local park gate and I couldn’t help play situations in my head with Josh, never mind how much I tried not to.
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