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Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much (Six)

Title: Stand A Little Too Tall, Say A Little Too Much
Author: irjustineee 
Fandom: All Time Low
Pairing: Justine / Alex Gaskarth overall
Rating: NC-17 eventually
P.O.V: Justine's
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except the story line - completely fictional, none of the following is true.
Summary: Justine is an average schoolgirl who lives a life of hell. One day, she meets a guy who makes her feel so much better about her life. They share a really strong bond, however her ‘best friend’ is extremely jealous and will do anything to sabotage their relationship.
A/N: Storyline is still a but dull, as promised things are starting to pick up :)


After my last lesson, I walked down to the diner and waited for Alex. He arrived a few minutes later carrying a load of folders. He put them in his bag and we walked down the path towards the field.

“Hey you.” Alex smiled.
“Hiya,” I smiled back, “you okay?”
“Yes thankyou, yourself?”
“Yeah not too bad thankyou. Shall we get going?”
“Sure. What do you wanna do?”
“Not sure, what about you?”
“I think we should go to the local lake. Come on.” He smiled at me and then grabbed my hand and made me run down the field with him. We approached the beautiful lake after walking a few miles and sat down on the grass area.

“It’s a beautiful day today.” Alex said, staring into the clear blue sky.
“It is indeed. I hope this summer is going to be as hot as this.”
“I hope so as well. I just hope it isn’t too hot like back in Michigan.”
“It won’t be that hot, remember this is the UK you’re talking about.” I chuckled to myself.
“True that,” he smiled, “So, what are your favourite bands?”
“Berated. The frontman, Michael, well he’s totally gorgeous!” I rolled my eyes at Alex.
“Can’t say I’ve ever listened to them really.”
“You should totally check them out, they’re amazing. Their lyrics are powerful, honestly, promise you’ll have a listen when you get home?”
“Sure thing.” Alex smiled at me.

We carried on talking about bands, gigs, fashion and even clothes. Alex was perfect. He was everything I’d always wanted in a guy. He had a charming personality and was definitely a looker. I really felt that this friendship was nothing like I’d ever experienced before.

The sun was starting to go down and the horizon now looked absolutely stunning. From the top of the sky it was a bright blue colour and going down towards the bottom it changed from a different shade of blue to all different shades of orange. It was incredible.

“The sunset is immaculate tonight.” I perked up.
“Definitely. It’s the best sunset I’ve ever seen.”

Alex and I sat there on the grass staring at the horizon. It wasn’t awkward at all. There was a totally different vibe to the atmosphere tonight. I wasn’t sure if Alex could feel it, but I definitely could.

It was starting to get late and the evening had gone by so quickly with Alex. I found out I had a lot in common with Alex and it seemed like we were going to get on like a house on fire.

“Come on, we better go, it’s starting to get late. Don’t want you being late home, eh?” Alex winked at me.
“My mum will be worrying if I don’t get back soon, haha.”

We left the lake and started to make our way back to my house. Alex vaulted over a gate and starting showing off. I went through the side of it, ran up to Alex and jumped on his back. He laughed, caught my legs and carried me up the hill. We definitely had some sort of special bond between us. We eventually got to my street and both stopped at my front garden.

“Thankyou for tonight. It was spectacular.” I said.
“No worries. We should go there again sometime.” He smiled at me with his irresistible charm and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“So, I’ll see you tomorrow at college?”
“Yes you shall. I’ll wait by the diner in the morning and we can walk to class together. See you.”
“Bye Alex.”
He opened his arms out and gave me a hug. He smelt so, so good! This hug seemed to last for ages but I didn’t mind at all. I loved every minute of being with Alex. We both finally came out of the hug and he gently kissed my forehead.

“See you tomorrow Justine.”
“Night, Alex.”

He turned around and walked towards the end of the road. I watched him walk and as soon as he turned the corner, I couldn’t stop the feeling of missing him. I retraced the whole evening with Alex in my mind and then went to walk towards my front door when I heard footsteps. I instantly turned around in fear and saw Josh heading towards my front garden. He finally arrived and opened his mouth as if to say something but then closed it again.

“What’s wrong Josh?”
“Justine. I’m sorry for running off so quickly last night. It’s just-”
“Hey. No it’s fine.” I smiled and noticed that he seemed to have a kind of twinkle in his eye. I then saw a tear roll down his face. “Josh, what’s wrong? Are you crying?”
He nodded, unable to say a word.
I walked a few paces forward so I was closer to him and put my arms around his waist.
“Josh? What is it?” I stepped away and looked up at his face.
“I-I,” He looked away. “It’s my Mum, Justine. She had a stroke earlier in the living room. She’s been taken to hospital.”
More tears flowed from his eyes and I hugged him tight. I didn’t know what to say; I’d never seen a guy cry before and the emotion that started to well up inside me was strong. A tear rolled down my face and I got out a tissue from my pocket. I wiped away my tear and tried to pretend that it hadn’t happened. This evening had definitely been eventful, even if I said so myself.
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