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Hey everyone, I've just taken over management of this community and I'm sure that it's going to take me a while to get to grips with it. If you have any suggestions for improvement of the community then don't hesitate to email me on cballer5@gmail.com or attack me in my LJ _iloveyoubaby!

I don't really have any rules as such for this community, but common courtesy is obviously neccessary. Also, all fanfics or large images must be put under an LJ cut. Any users leaving comments that are mean and just downright rude WILL BE BANNED. However, this does not mean that creative criticism is not welcome. If you're not a member and you still wish to post a comment, then your comment will be screened until I unscreen it. Which is something I won't do if it's not a very nice comment.
Lastly, if anyone dares to attempt to post a fanfic wiv spelin lyk dis, then I suggest you watch out because you'll have my cyber-boot up your cyber-ass before you can say "wot u doin?".

I hope you all enjoy reading/writing the fanfics here!